Reliability of supply of our products
to customers is our priority. We are
aware that our raw materials are an
essential input to costumer
production, and therefore our
manufacturing and storage
technology are designed for 100%
The quality of the finished product
directly depends on the quality of
the manufacturing process. The
quality of the manufacturing
process is directly dependent not
only on technological equipment,
methods of operational inspection
and control, maintenance and TPM,
but especially to the employees.
We believe that a personal
approach to all employees makes
Responsibility for us is not an empty
concept. Responsibility for the
health and safety and the
environment is another priority.
Seeking of opportunities for
permanent, but responsible
development, this is what defines
us. That is what we have in the

Customer Support

We support customers in their growth by providing them the highest quality products which are delivered on time, and we provide them the excellent service including counseling. We are respectable and respectability we expect from our partners. The mutual balance of trade relations supports responsible growth and partnerhip.

Consultancy in optimizing primary raw materials

You produce, we supply - not only raw materials, but also know-how. As supplier of raw materials for your operation, we are ready to work with you to participate in new projects that will lead to the optimization of your production in the choice of primary raw materials. Optimization is of course associated with cost savings. The quality of supplied raw material, its origin and source, but also its processing technology directly impacts your costs. Our products help to save your costs.

Customer support in case of emergency situation - lack of raw materials

Some customers, who take minerals from current suppliers, time to time face to interruptions in supply. These failures may be due to various causes. This case is emergency situation for the customer, due to stopping the operation which would be fatal. We know that these situations occur, and several times we have "rescued" plants of various companies. Our company is ready to deliver an alternative replacement of selected raw materials, that we have currently in stock, just-in-time to customers. Other requiered minerals which you need, we are able to store and deliver for you under contract.

This service in industrial processing of minerals is unique and exceptional.
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