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We are focused to minerals which are from non-metal group minerals. These are mainly used for chemical and energy processes. In case of your interest for the supply of metal group minerals, you can contact us also.
In addition to high-quality production equipment for crushing, grinding and sorting, operation is also equipped with an indoor hall for handling dry stone guaranteeing a minimum moisture content of products manufactured under any weather conditions.
We manage own big-silos storage, where is stored finished product for shipment, and we guarantee a sufficient reserve stocks for our customers, who must have guaranteed 100% certainty of supply.
Transport of material is provided
by our silo trucks, railway wagon
RAJ or by our contractors or in the
case of requirement, customer
ensures the transport by itself.
The PERFECTA PROGRESS, Ltd. was established to perform an excellent service to its customers.

Manufacturing plant PERFECTA PROGRESS, Ltd. is based on solid foundations of modern equipment for processing of mineral materials. Reciprocal linking production and warehouse complex ensures sufficient production capacity for the most demanding requirements of our customers  - large industrial plants.
Reliability of supply of our products
to customers is our priority. We are
aware that our raw materials are an
essential input to costumer
production, and therefore our
manufacturing and storage
technology are designed for 100%
The quality of the finished product
directly depends on the quality of
the manufacturing process. The
quality of the manufacturing
process is directly dependent not
only on technological equipment,
methods of operational inspection
and control, maintenance and TPM,
but especially to the employees.
We believe that a personal
approach to all employees makes
Responsibility for us is not an empty
concept. Responsibility for the
health and safety and the
environment is another priority.
Seeking of opportunities for
permanent, but responsible
development, this is what defines
us. That is what we have in the
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